At Pleasurooo, we love mixing pleasure and fun. But it is important that you stay safe and healthy.

Start by maintaining a respectable level of hygiene. This could include cutting nails, washing your hands as well as your intimate places. Hygiene is curtail in the bedroom as you do not want to accidentally catch an infection down in the Royal Kingdom! Sanitization of your Toys is also an important pillar, as plastic and other materials that our Toys are made from could possibly attract a bit of bacteria. To be completely safe just give it a quick wash, the majority of our products deem to be SPI waterproof so you will not have to worry about damaging your Pleasureooo Product.


ID Lubricants Water-Based And Silicone Assorted Pack

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Lubricant is a BIG MUST! Lubricant is used to reduce a lot of friction, preventing injury but at the same time making things more pleasurable. Make sure you don't hurt yourself by getting over excited and overly ramming yourself. Take things at a nice and slow yet steady pace and ease yourself. Only use toys that you feel comfortable with and don't push yourself too much too quick. 'Slow and Steady'.

Lubricant is vital for Anal Pleasure as unlike the vagina or penis, your anus doesn't produce natural lube. Make sure you use plenty as if you don't use enough it could lead to be painful.

Lastly, make sure you have some privacy. The last thing you want is someone ruining your alone time. Make sure your door is locked and kids and family are well out of sight. If you are running low of any supplies regarding StaySafe, please check our Gifts section so we can get you up to date.